Reno del Mar is a dynamic acoustic instrumental group that performs beautiful, original guitar and violin music in a wide range of styles that include latin jazz, Americana, western swing, tango, gypsy, flamenco fusion, bebop and blues. The influences of Antonio Carlos Jobim, Mark O’Connor, Django Rheinhardt, Stefane Grappelli, Wes Montgomery, Jean Luc Ponty, Charlie Christian, Ry Cooder, Bill Frisell, John Scofield, Duke Ellington, Bob Wills, rodrigo y gabriela and others permeate Reno del Mar’s compositions and playing styles.

Reno del Mar performs in a variety of ensembles. The trio is usually violin and two acoustic guitars. Beth Daunis plays the violin, Phil Lipman plays an acoustic steel string, and Mark Wilsey plays an acoustic nylon string, Spanish style guitar. A quintet format is also available with bass and drums. All of the songs that Reno del Mar play are composed by Mark Wilsey, Beth Daunis and Phil Lipman.

Reno del Mar has been performing in and around Tucson, Arizona for the past 7 years at the Rialto Theater, Hotel Congress, the Fox Theater, Hacienda del Sol, Kingfisher, Blue Fin, The Frog and Firkin, Maynards, Janos, Downtown Kitchen and Cocktails, and other fine venues. A few performances of note include the Luz da Vida Benefit Concert at the Rialto Theater, Congresswoman Gabriel Gifford’s wedding, the opening of the new U of A Cancer Center, and opening for Burt Bacharach at a private fund raiser.

So give yourself a break and get out to hear some live music. We hope your life is going just the way you want it to, or is heading in that direction.

Peace, love, prosperity, health and fun to you!

Reno del Mar